8 Delicious Russian Casino Party Snacks

Every country on earth has its own unique traditions when it comes to celebratory food and snacks. From Indonesia’s satay and beef rendang to America’s sliders and pizza rolls, there is something from every nation in the world to sample – and even Russia has awesome party food to discover! Here are 8 tasty Russian treats to serve at your next casino-themed get-together.

#1: Olivier Salad

No Russian party is complete without Olivier salad, especially considering how much the Russians adore salads. This is a particularly special dish made with boiled potatoes, carrots, pickles, eggs, onions, peas, apples, and a medley of boiled chicken, sausages and ham. To season the dish, sprinkle it with salt, pepper and mustard powder and mix in a generous dollop of mayonnaise. This is a New Year and Christmas staple in Russia, but it will look great at a casino party too!

#2: Kholodets

This delicacy is essentially meat wrapped in jelly, much like aspic. It does require a good few hours of preparation, but the result is well worth the effort, and it gives you time to play https://bestonlinepokies.biz/review/fair-go-casino/ games too. The Russian recipe calls for fresh meat that is set in gelatine made of beef stock. This interesting snack plays a crucial role in winter meals and parties in Russia and is usually served cold with spicy local mustard.

#3: Salted Vegetables

Salted mushrooms and vegetables are often served as snacks or appetisers at Russian parties. They are normally fermented using kvashennie, a local liquor, giving them a salty, savoury and sour flavour profile.

#4: Herring Under A Fur Coat

This classic Russian dish is also known as dressed herring, and is a local staple during celebratory meals. It consists of a layered salad made with pickled herring, boiled potatoes, onions, carrots and mayonnaise. Some folks even include a layer of fresh apples for sweetness and crunch. The final layer is one of earthy boiled beetroot and more mayo!

#5: Pirozhki

These miniature meat pies are sure to thrill your guests. Typically stuffed with meat, vegetables or fish, they are fried in a variety of shapes and are often served among other snacks and appetisers. You can even add sweet fillings like curd cheese, fruit, and fresh jam for variety.

#6: Pelmeni

Pelmeni are Russian dumplings, similar to Chinese wontons. They are made using a special dough and filling that generally include a selection of meat or fish. Once boiled, they can be served in soup or alone as you see fit.

#7: Paskha

This iconic dish is always served at Orthodox Easters in Russia. The festive food is made with curd cheese and is served in a traditional pyramid shape. No Russian celebration is complete without a paskha in pride of place on the table.

#8: Vodka

Who could forget vodka, that old Russian staple? This alcoholic drink is famous across the globe and would make a great accompaniment to any of the dishes mentioned above. Be sure to chill it for a few hours in your freezer before serving to add an authentic touch to your Russian casino event…