Casino Themed Cocktails

Casinos embody a variety of different aspects, and many of these come straight to mind when someone asks you to picture something memorable from a casino. Maybe it’s the flashing machines, catchy music, busy playing tables, and, of course, the bars. Bars make up an important part of the casino experience, and many that visit their local casino often frequent the bar. In fact, some casinos even offer their players free drinks if they participate in the games and tables that the casinos offer. Of all the drinks that casinos offer, however, one of the most popular is the cocktail.

A cocktail is a specially designed drink that uses parts of other alcohols and beverages to create something unique. Most cocktails have their own name and theme – think Martini with James Bond – and you have the general idea. If you are looking to throw a casino-themed bash and want some ideas for some cocktails to go along with the overall theme, here are some popular ideas.

The Dry Martini – 007 Style

We have to start with the most well known of the casino cocktails: the dry Martini. Having been 007’s favourite from the very first James Bond book, the dry Martini is an extremely popular choice for party throwers, and one that just can’t go wrong.

It starts with a fresh Martini glass, into which you add a mixture of three parts gin, a shot of vodka, and half a shot of Vermouth. Shaken with ice is a must, and adding a little fresh lemon finishes the drink off.

Not only is this great for a group event, but even for those days you want to laze around and enjoy some games, the dry Martini is a go-to for both casino and 007 fans.

The Last Chance

A popular cocktail for finishing off an eventful night, the Last Chance is perfect for a bit of refreshment, especially if you’re feeling a little worn down from other drinks. It’s simple and tasty, and few drinks work quite as well to help you manage the evening buzz.

Starting with two shots of vodka, add some orange juice, a little liqueur of your choice (such as orange-flavoured), and away you go. The great thing about the Last Chance is its versatility, and how it can be altered to fit the mood. If you feel that you’ve already had too many strong drinks and want something a little bit on the light side, then holding back on the vodka and adding more orange juice can make the Last Chance incredibly refreshing.

The Poker Face

Lastly we have the most popular drink in any casino, and one that casinos all over the world will offer. Its origins can be found in some of the earlier Vegas casinos of the mid 1900s, and it was created to give players the chance to cool down with something refreshing, citrusy, and sweet.

Three shots of pineapple juice, two shots of vodka, some orange-liqueur, and a splash of lemon – voila: The Poker Face. Extremely simple, fun, and for that extra dash of casino flare, feel free to add a little fruit or a miniature umbrella into the glass.

There are a lot of different cocktails to experiment with, but these three serve as a good starting base, and will never fail you when you’re itching for a classic casino beverage.