Have a Look at the Mentioned Three Video Poker Options

Three Video Poker Options

Video poker has been on the uprise and gaining momentum in its popularity. Just as we thought that video poker was at its zenith, we were introduced to the fact that we can play it online. There are so many variations of this game that it can be difficult to choose which one to play. However, because it is a game that offers just about the lowest odds that you can find online, it is very popular. The more popular the game the more variations of the game.

Jacks Or Better

It is the one that started it all. Every video poker game was based off of this one. It might not be the most exciting game that there is out there, but it is the most reliable and has been called ‘Old Faithfull’. The reason why it is called faithful and reliable is because you will always find one at any online or land-based casino.

The game is very easy to play and understand. A 52-card deck is used to play poker in the standard game of poker. However, the only pair that counts is a pair of Jacks, or better. Hence the name of the game. The odds of the game is pretty standard, as odds go and because a standard one deck is used, it is also relatively easy to figure out which cards will be played.

Double Bonus Poker

The game is pretty much the same as Jacks or Better at https://onlinecasinobc.net/visa. The main difference is that the pay-outs that you can get in this game rivals just about that of any video poker game. The full house and the flush in this game are worth bout ten times the amount that you bet on them. This is a significantly huge pay-out. It is funded or afforded by the fact that for this game, the two pair pay-outs – which obviously happen the most – have been halved in comparison to regular Jacks or Better.

Double Bonus Poker Casino Option

Pick’em Poker

Pick’em Poker has quickly become a favourite amongst the video poker players. The reason for this is that the strategy is very easy to learn and the gameplay in itself goes at quite a bit of a faster pace than the regular video poker games. Besides for these to pros, the game also offers quite good odds. Generally, the payback in this game sits at 99.95%.

The game is easy to play. You are dealt with two cards in the beginning of the game. These will form the starting point on which you will build your hand and you have no choice but to keep both cards. You are then dealt two more cards. Of these two cards, you have to discard one of them and keep the other. When you have done this, you are dealt with another two cards. Like the first two, you have to keep both of these cards. This forms your hand that you play with.

These are three great options for you to choose from when playing video poker. Not only do they have the possibility at offering you a great pay-out, but they are also very enjoyable and all three of them are also easy to learn.