Overview of Honeymoon in Vegas Film

Honeymoon in Vegas was released in 1992. It is a Comedy directed by Andrew Bergman. It was released as a Broadway musical in 2012 starring Tony Danza from the television series Who’s The Boss? The film stars Sarah Jessica Parker in an early role, alongside the seasoned actors Nicholas Cage and James Caan. It was produced by Castle Rock and New Line Cinema with Columbia Pictures Handling the distribution.

The Ridiculous Plot

Nicholas Cage plays Jack Singer, a man who promised his mother on her death bed that he will never get married. The film skips to a few years later where we see Jack proposing to his girlfriend, Betsy, played by Sarah Jessica Parker. They decide to go have their marriage in Las Vegas so that they can have their honeymoon there.

Soon we meet James Caan who plays a professional gambler named Tommy Korman. He sees Betsy and is floored by her resemblance to his late wife. He arranges a poker game with Jack in order to con him into spending a weekend with his wife. Soon Jack is indebted to Tommy who offers to squash the debt for said weekend. They agree to no sexual favors involved, but Tommy plans to take Betsy to Hawaii and to marry her.

We then meet Tommy’s taxi driver, played by the always watchable Pat Morita. He plays Mahi Mahi who works for Tommy but eventually takes a liking to Jack and decides to help him out to get his fiancée back from the crazy Tommy. The movie is fast paced and features amusing performances from Caan, Cage as well as Sarah Jessica Parker. The film knows the premise is thin and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Starring The Acclaimed Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage is a renowned actor and producer most well known for his acting roles in Peggy Sue Got Married, Vampire’s Kiss (you can also check out Vampire themed Australian pokies right now), City Of Angels, The Rock and National Treasure. He was awarded an academy award as well as a Golden Globe award and a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role in Leaving Las Vegas. His roles in The Weather Man, Lord of War and Bad Lieutenant cemented his position as a critically acclaimed actor and a box office draw. He received his second academy award nomination for his role as Charlie Kaufman in Adaptation. His production company, Saturn Films, has produced Shadow of the Vampire in 200 and the life of David Gale in 2003.

The Supporting Cast

James Caan leapt onto the screen in the early 60’s and 70s and has multiple awards and nominations under his belt. His early roles in El Dorado, Brian’s song and The Godfather brought him wide acclaim. He has been nominated for his roles in Funny Lady, Rollerball, The Gambler and many more. In the 80’s and nineties he stayed on the screen with notable roles in Thief, Bottle Rocket, For The Boys and the Stephen King adaptation, Misery. He also played the lead in the television series Las Vegas. Sarah Jessica Parker would keep appearing in film and television, with her most notable appearance being her portrayal of Carrie in the hit television series, Sex and The City.