Reasons Why Charity Gambling is on the Rise

The concept of charity gambling may at first seem like a misnomer, but in reality is a concept that people may as well get used to, because it is going to be used much more in communications as well as in marketing circles. The first lotteries were devised in order to raise money for various causes, and effectively the concept of charity gambling stems from this original use.

The worldwide gambling industry is enormous. The leaders of the industry have made such copious volumes of money they now control the entire industry. America has major restrictions placed on online gambling and access to this is prohibited in most states. It should come as no surprise that this court case and subsequent legislation prohibiting blackjack NZ play, in fact was funded by the casino owners to retain their monopoly.

Using the Gambling Need to Raise Funds

Using the need for gambling in order to raise money for charity is being used by many countries, with more system coming on board daily. Most National Lotteries provide significant funding to charities and the arts, and have become one of the major contributors to this funding. The contract for management of the national lottery often has rigid stipulations built into it. There are additional form of charity gambling too.

Fundraisers and events to solicit money for charity regularly use the gambling theme as a way of getting guests to part with their money. Events such as these would use horse racing videos or the like to establish the charity effectively as the house in a casino. A night of high gambling entertainment follows, and guests bet on the horses in the regular way, with the possibility of winning some good money. However, as it the case, the house is going to walk off with the bulk of the money, and when this is a charity, the charity will effectively be donated this money.

Scratch Cards and Pop-Out Card Options

Another way of raising funds is using scratch cards or pop-out cards in the name of a charity or cause. The charity will register the cards, work out the sale price of the cards and establish a set, or finite number of winners. The profit margins of the fundraising exercise are therefore set. A certain number of people will win money, while the rest of the money gets given to the charity. It is incumbent on the charity, obviously, to ensure that all the cards are sold and the winners remunerated.

Yet Another Possibility Available

Another development in charity gambling that has been effectively utilised is establishing the casino under a non-profit banner. The casino is effectively managed and run according to international standard, but instead of hoarding profits, these are all given away to charity. This is a development very popular in Scandinavian countries, both as a justification for gambling by players as a donation to charity, as well as a business model, using the powerful urge to gamble as a way of generating charitable funds and monies that can then be used for social projects and social good.

As worldwide economics tightens and general donations to charity wane, the gambling industry has simply continued to grow steadily. Charity gambling may be one of the best possible solutions for fundraising and the maintenance of a vibrant civil society in many countries.